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Herbalife Products and functions

We know that one of the most important and naturally created machine that we will ever use is our body. Therefore proper maintenance of our body is so critical. We need to know and control what we put in and how our body functions to increase energy. In fact this should not be seen as extra work for us but a healthy lifestyle that we should maintain. And to do that, we need to understand the needs of our body, for example how many types of nutritions are there available and what nutrients are needed. We know sometimes, it may seems difficult to achieve that and it is not easy to try to take sufficient nutritions for our body daily needs. Just keeping track of that can be a nightmare and overwhelming. This is where Herbalife helps to make things easier for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. With Herbalife in Malaysia, we can help you manage your weight management products. Our products are designed with specialized formula to help you and your body to take in more nutrients, discharge impurities and thus increase the level of energy for your body. Besides taking care of what goes in and out of your body, we have personal care products (Outer Nutrition) that helps manages the "outside" look of your body. You want to feel good, young and healthy both inside and outside.

Herbalife in Malaysia

Healthier Cells to provide you with a Healthier Life

We need to nourish our cells with sufficient and right amount of nutrients that include vitamins and minerals. We also need antioxidants with other nutrients that are natural to our body. We always believe that the best way it to go with nature. This is where Herbalife's Cellular Nutrition and other range of nutrient products comes in to provide for you as these are all plant-based.

We have formulated our products using unique and scientific methodology that helps to preserve the natural value of the nutrients. Combining good quality ingredients with the highly advanced methods, we are able to give you the best in natural nutrients and we can help you customize a personal program using Herbalife products to meet your individual's needs.

How does Cellular Nutrition work? Herbalife's products are formulated scientifically and it supports the healthy "villi". These tiny structures that are finger-like, acts as gatekeepers along the walls of our intestine, helping our body to take in more effectively the nutrients that our body needs. For example minerals, vitamins. It also helps to stop the toxins from harming us. Therefore you want to have healthier villi so that the absorption rate is even higher, giving you a body that is healthier.

Herbalife in Malaysia

Healthy Weight Management with Herbalife in Malaysia

According to International Obesity Task Force, about every 4th person on Earth is too fat. Obesity is fast becoming one of the world's leading reasons why people die. The prevalence of overweight and obesity were 31.6% and 16.3% respectively in Malaysia. About 30.9% of men and 32.4% of women were overweight while 13.9 of men and 18.8% of women were obese. Weight loss has become a conscious effort for those who want to keep an optimum body weight to live a healthy lifestyle. Herbalife Malaysia products help you achieve that easily.
Herbalife in Malaysia

Herbalife's science-based ShapeWorksTM Program combines Cellular Nutrition and the power of protein so you can manage your hunger, maintain a healthy metabolism and feel energized as you lose those unwanted kilos through Herbalife's nutritious Mixed Soy Powder Drink, Tea Mix-Lemon & Hibiscus, and Blended Soy and Whey Protein Powder.

TM Program, which is simple, easy-to-follow and delicious, offering you everything you need for lasting weight-loss success. Based on Cellular Nutrition, it is a flexible program that can be personalized for customers depending on whether they want to lose, gain or maintain weight. Enhancers and Protein snack bars are designed to complement the ShapeWorksTM weight management program and help you overcome any dieting challenge.
Herbalife in Malaysia

Herbalife in Malaysia

Personal Care/ Outer Nutrition with Herbalife in Malaysia

When it comes to maintaining good health, taking care of the outside of your body is just as important as taking care of the inside. The Outer Nutrition products can be combined into a personalized care system that's right for you.

Skin Revitalisers Line:
Free radicals from pollution and UV radiation can undermine skin's beauty. Help protect the skin and reverse the signs of aging.
Herbalife in Malaysia

  • Radiant CTM Daily Facial Scrub Cleanser- clean and polish your face to perfection
  • Radiant CTM Body Lotion SPF 15 - moisturize smooth and protect skin all over
  • Radiant CTM Daily Skin Booster - improves skin texture and radiance
  • Radiant CTMFace Quencher - use this mist to revitalize in an instant
Hair Essentials Line:
These products capture the extraordinary properties of aloe vera plant so that you can experience a very soft cleansing that is gentle while helping to moisturize your hair. A product that your entire family can use.
Herbalife in Malaysia

  • Herbal Aloe Moisturizing Shampoo - for colour-treated hair and also if you have dry and damaged hair.
  • Herbal Aloe Moisturizing Conditioner -seals in moisture. Similar with Shampoo - damaged or color-treated hair that is dry also.
  • Herbal Aloe Soft Hold Hair Spray -for a soft, gentle lasting hold.
Body Essentials Line:
Herbalife Body Essentials gives you good and healthy looking skin for your body. You can feel beautiful all day and all night as it helps exfoliate and then gently soften your skin for a smooth surface.
Herbalife in Malaysia

  • Body Buffing Scrub - exfoliate your skin, while it smooth and soften it.
  • Herbal Aloe Hand Cream - apply your hands with this moisturizing cream made from high quality aloe.
  • Body Contouring Creme - improves the tone and texture of the skin.
Skin Activator Line:
Helps minimize or reduce any signs of your skin aging. The product is formulated with a unique ingredient that is non-acid Glucosamine Complex (collagen-building). It has been proven clinically to help firm up your skin, provides hydration and enhance your damaged or weak skin.
Herbalife in Malaysia

  • Day Lotion SPF 15 - to moisturise/ protect skin
  • D├ęcolletage Cream - helps reduce wrinkles on neck, cleavage and chest and smoothes skin.
  • Lip Refiner SPF 15 - plump lips and keep them healthy and moisturized
  • Night time Replenishing Cream - for younger looking skin
  • Eye Cream - for your eyes with its delicate skin
NouriFusion® - Multivitamin Skin Care Made with vitamins A, E & C and skin-enhancing herbal ingredients, the NouriFusion® line combines the best of science and nature to help give you beautiful, healthy-looking skin.
Herbalife in Malaysia

NouriFusion® products (Normal to Dry Skin):
  • MultiVitamin Lotion Cleanser - leaving you with a clean, smooth and supple face
  • MultiVitamin Toner - doesn't dry when you tone your skin
  • MultiVitamin Moisturiser SPF 15 - with UVA & UVB skin protection
NouriFusion® products (Normal to Oily Skin):
  • MultiVitamin Foaming Gel Cleanser - for a clean, fresh and soft skin.
  • MultiVitamin Toner - feel revitalized with non-greasy skin
  • MultiVitamin Moisturiser SPF 15 - light day lotion with UVA & UVB skin protection
NouriFusion® products for all Skin types:
  • MultiVitamin Eye Cream - moisturises and enhances delicate skin around the eye.
  • Multivitamin Eye Gel - reduces under-eye puffiness while providing light moisture.
  • Multivitamin Exfoliating Scrub - helps your skin to feel renewed with this gentle and revitalizing scrub.
  • MultiVitamin Clarifying Mask - absorbs oils and impurities.
  • Multivitamin Moisture Mask - deeply hydrates and keeps your dry and parched skin soft.
  • MultiVitamin Night Cream - provides on-going moisturisation over a longer period of time.

Why Herbalife?

Why consider Herbalife in Malaysia?
  • It makes the finest nutritional and personal-care products in the world.
  • It offers the best marketing plan.
  • It has a proven track record.
  • Its sales team is committed to success - their own and yours.
  • It is overseen by a management team of talented professionals.

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